Sustainable, High-performance, and Eco-friendly Textile Solution

At Summitex, we’re proud to present our cutting-edge coconut charcoal-infused polymer yarn COCONYL.

By combining the natural properties of coconut charcoal with the versatility of synthetic polymers, we’ve developed a unique composite material that offers exceptional performance and sustainability for various textile applications.

Here’s a brief overview of our innovative manufacturing process.

Coconut Charcoal Preparation

We start by creating eco-friendly coconut charcoal from discarded coconut shells. These shells undergo a controlled carbonization process, converting them into high-quality charcoal. This charcoal is then ground into a fine powder to ensure seamless integration with the polymer.

Polymer Selection

Depending on the desired end-use and characteristics, we carefully select a suitable polymer, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, or nylon. This choice allows us to create yarns that meet the specific requirements of different textile applications.

Blending Process

We create a homogenous blend by mixing the coconut charcoal powder with the selected polymer. Various blending techniques, such as melt blending, solution mixing, or solid-state mixing, are employed to ensure even distribution of the charcoal particles within the polymer matrix.

Extrusion and Spinning

The coconut charcoal-polymer blend is fed into an extruder, where it is melted and forced through a spinneret to form continuous filaments. These filaments are cooled, solidified, and drawn to align the polymer chains and enhance the strength and elasticity of the fibers.

Texturizing (optional)

To further customize our yarns, we offer optional texturizing processes that impart crimp, curl, or bulkiness to the fibers. This enhances the tactile properties of the yarn, making it suitable for a wider range of textile applications.

Winding and Packaging

Our final step is to wind the yarn onto cones, spools, or bobbins and package it for further processing or shipping.

Why choose Us

By leveraging the natural advantages of coconut charcoal and the versatility of synthetic polymers, our coconut charcoal-infused polymer yarn provides a sustainable and high-performance solution for the textile industry. With improved insulation, moisture control, and odor absorption, our yarn is perfect for sportswear, technical fabrics, protective clothing, and more. Discover the future of textiles with Summitex today!


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